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Saitou Hajime

Mibu Wolf in London

1 January
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This is a character journal for the rpg fogandgaslights. Saitou Hajime is played by hajimenokizu. Saitou is also known to have used the following names, Yamaguchi Hajime, Jirou Yamaguchi, Ichinose Denpachi and Fujita Goro, although this one likes to refer to himself as "Ookami" *grin*.

It is highly recommended that before reading or interacting with Saitou Hajime that one read his background and relationship thread. For those curious, the icons were from doujinka "Kurokawa" well known for his "Foolish Man". I absolutely love his art, unfortunately he only did two full length doujinshi on RK Saitou and a short copybook. Saitou is right now iconized by safetygirl.